Admission Process


Prior To Admission

Prior to admission, you will be contacted by one of our team to carry out an assessment of your medical and treatment needs to ensure that everything is ready for your stay. You will undergo a detailed medical assessment by one of our Doctors on your arrival, who will prescribe any medication required for your detox. Our doctor and clinical team will oversee your detox and will promptly address any concerns raised regarding your detox.

With our streamlined admissions process, you and your family will be taken care of every step of the way. Admitting to treatment doesn’t need to be overwhelming; in fact, many of our staff are in recovery and have been through rehab themselves, so they fully understand what you are going through and are committed to making things as simple and stress-free as possible.


Medical Assessment

Shortly after your arrival, you will see a qualified addictions specialist Doctor for a consultation.

Our Doctor will conduct an assessment of your medical needs so that these can be addressed during your stay. Any medications you are taking you will need to bring with you. For those that have a drug or alcohol dependency, a full medical detox regime will be prescribed to assist with the detox process. We adhere to strict safety regulations ensuring your safety is paramount.

Your detox will be monitored and supported by our fully trained staff for its duration.

The team will work with medical staff and agencies to ensure you receive the appropriate care. If required a full assessment of any co-occurring existing illness will be arranged; we want to ensure you receive the correct treatment and medical assistance where required. Additional medication and vitamins may be prescribed in order to support your mental and physical recovery.


Your Stay

During your first few days of treatment with us, you will meet and work with our Counsellors and therapists.

They will work with you to identify the underlying causes of your addiction. From there, your focal Counsellor will devise a full and comprehensive bespoke treatment plan. Your input into your treatment is valuable, so all goals and treatments will be pre-agreed by you so we can work together to help you recover fully.


Sober Transport

Many patients, who wish to admit to our clinic, find themselves in a position of being unable to drive due to a drug or alcohol dependency.

We admit clients from all over the UK. Taking this into account, we provide sober transportation for those that need it. We do not expect you to turn up sober, as stopping alcohol or drugs suddenly could have devastating effects on your health.

Our sober transport driver is able to collect you from any location and deliver you safely to our care They will also assist you with packing and ensuring your property is secured before you leave. They are trained to help keep you calm during your journey and provide a friendly and professional service at all times. If you require our sober transport service, please let us know in advance so that your admission is not delayed.

Important Covid-19 Update!

Although we have had to adapt many aspects of our service to ensure the safety of our residents and staff team, much of our rehab programme remains the same. We are still taking referrals and are able to admit individuals to our residential programme under specific circumstances.

With the reduction in the national R rate, and given that all our services are currently free of infection amongst staff and patients, we are admitting patients to all of our services and will, therefore, follow our usual referral practice. We remain fully committed to working closely with commissioners in ensuring that potential patients have access to the treatment that they require, as close to home as possible.

To learn more about our current admission process please call or email us.